Yea, I’m fucking depressed.

Hello, it’s me again.

I really wish I could make it a habit to blog every Wednesday on my day off but it’s so hard.  Like my last entry I’m still terribly depressed.  It’s gotten to the point where people can tell I’m not okay so I’ve just stopped trying to hide it.  It’s a bit empowering for me to say it sometimes too.

I really think I need to find a new job.  I was thinking that my waxing job was going better but every now and then when I have a rough day at that job (usually Sundays) the following Monday morning when I’m at my retail job I’ll get a little ding on my phone and it’s my wax boss responding to my recap email.  We send recap emails about our numbers and blah and what we did each shift.  2 out of my 3 shifts usually go pretty well but I feel like my Sunday shift is always leaving something to be desired.  Anyway I got one of those emails a couple of days ago.  I opened it and almost started crying in my backroom.

At my retail job I have to go to work 4 or 5 days a week with a person that is supposed to be my “right hand woman,” and help me but she’s completely insubordinate.  Not only does she have no respect for me as a leader, she has no respect for any other leads in the building.  AT. ALL.  We had a lead quit last month so every now and then we have a visiting lead from another store help out when we need coverage.  One of them is great.  She used to be an Inventory Manager like me, so she gets it and yea that’s how we bonded.  Anyway my consultant needed to be helping out with sales coverage.  I prepped the lead telling her that she has to be ON my consultant like white on fucking rice because she will do whatever she wants.  After literally 2 days working with her… she went to the assistant and was like “what the hell is this?  she will not listen.”

This is the shit I’ve been complaining about for 8 solid months.  Well probably 9 now.  Like I’m sorry but I’m done.  No amount of coaching this girl is going to help.  She just doesn’t care.  I would rather do my job alone than with her.  I would rather run behind in my job because I have to do it all myself than deal with her.  I practically run behind anyway.

So every Monday morning, even if I’m having a good day/morning as soon as I see that coworker and step into that store I am immediately depressed.  Like it completely ruins my mood.  And then if I get an email from my wax boss like the one I got this week?  Christ.

I am just so tired of being reminded that I’m not good enough.  In my professional life.  In my personal life.  In general. I’ve been so depressed at the one retail job that I am unable to get out of bed most days.  It takes every ounce of energy I have to get out of bed and go to that store because I know it’s just going to make my depression worse.  I’m usually 10 minutes late to that job because it doesn’t matter how early I wake up I just cannot get the strength to get out of bed in the morning.

Generally the wax job is okay but the e-mail I got two days ago just spiraled me into this horrid state of depression.  I cannot control people.  I cannot force them to book an appointment with me 4 weeks out.  A lot like to call the day or week they need the appointment.  There is an app you can download and book online that way.  Even I don’t book appointments out like that.  I just refuse because I don’t know what my schedule is going to look like.  I will call the week of because it’s easier for me.

The same thing goes for selling products.  I will talk to people about them but I cannot force them to buy it nor would I ever be that pushy sales bitch.  I only go to the retail shelves when I have confirmed their buy in.  If they are standoffish about it or if they say “no I’m good.” I’m not going to walk them over there.  It’s a waste of everyone’s time.  So short of me holding a gun to their head and forcing them to buy stuff, what the hell am I supposed to do?

The email was worded very harshly.  Basically I was told that at part-time hours to be a productive member of the team I need to be firing on all gears.  I need to “overcome the guests and my own excuses.”  Nice right?  So now I feel like my low sales are bringing the entire team down and I feel like a piece of shit.  I don’t think my coworkers actually feel that way about me.  I don’t think they’re mad about it but when you get an email like that, how the fuck are you supposed to feel?  So yea, it’s going to be really fun at our next team meeting.  It’s my anniversary month so she usually has a little “celebration.” but I don’t feel like celebrating since I’m such a useless member of our team.  None of my other numbers matter I guess.  I’m always the highest for Services and Service $ but you know I’m still useless because I can’t make people buy things.

So that’s what’s been eating at me currently.  Shit sucks.  And not everyone knows my mental state and what triggers episodes for me but like goddamn.  Why are people so shitty all the time?

*sigh* when it rains it fucking pours doesn’t it?  I have an exit strategy for the job situation but it’s not going to be immediate.  It’s going to take some time.  Hopefully by springtime.

I hope everyone has a better day than me. =)




Appointments exist for a reason.   Generally it is because you want to receive some sort of service from a particular person.  In order to grant you that, you make an appointment.  This appointment will guarantee that said person giving you a service will be available at a time that you will be so you can ensure services are rendered.  Right?

Apparently not.  I get it, life gets in the way, mistakes happen and appointments are missed because shit comes up.  It’s not a big deal.  However missing your appointment without calling to cancel it, is a dick move.  That said, being incredibly late for your appointment is also not cool.

I understand that sometimes you are late for things, but depending on what service you are receiving vs. how long your appointment slot is, it can cause problems.  Okay, for example at my waxing job, I can pretty much get anything you want waxed in 15 minutes or less (with the exception of full limbs like arms and legs or full backs)  Those I’ll need 30 minutes for.  Anything else, including half limbs, 15 minutes and we’re good to go.  SO, my books are filled up with 15 or 30 minute slots.  Our late policy is very generous (and sometimes annoying).  You have 9 courtesy minutes.  NINE.  Now, if you’re a couple of minutes late, it’s not a big deal. However if you are nine minutes late, I hate you a little bit.

Think about it.  I have 15 minutes to wax your body part.  If you are 9 minutes late, I only have 6 minutes until my next appointment shows up.  Our policy states that I do have the full 15 minutes to complete your service but you just need to remember that now you are inconveniencing all of my other clients.  Because you were late and my books are full I will now consistently be 9 minutes behind until someone either doesn’t show up, or it’s a real quick lip wax only (something that takes me like 3 minutes to do).

It angers me sometimes that people are upset that they’re too late and we cannot service them.  I had someone come in who was 11 minutes late.  She yelled at the receptionist saying that “there’s traffic, the next person will be late so just let me get my services. I need this done TODAY.”  She kept saying things like, “You’re just wasting time here.”  Listen, if it was important you should have gotten here 11 minutes ago.  I have 4 minutes until my next person, I wish I could say something like “okay well I’ll start waxing and wherever we are in 4 minutes is all you get.  Hope I can make your brows even in 4 minutes.”  But that is unacceptable.  Just think if the shoe was on the other foot.  How would you feel if you came to your appointment but I had to take you back 10 minutes late because the person before you was late?  You’d probably be upset right?  Okay, so then don’t do that to other people.

Also, I would like to remind you that often I am completely booked with only one single 15 minute break (or depending on the day) only one 30 minute lunch break.  So if you are late, especially if you are right before my lunch break, you should know that it cuts into my break time.  Because I can’t just take an extra 9 minutes because you were late. So instead of getting 30 minutes to get something to eat and consume it, I only get 20 minutes because I have someone booked right after my lunch slot.  It’s particularly shitty on days when I only get 15 minutes, because then I get a 5 minute break.  Thanks!

I hope that makes you feel a little like an asshole for being late. Seriously, I understand that things come up.  Just call.  Call and say you can’t make it.  Then I’m not stuck waiting for you, I could even take a walk in and make some money.  Don’t schedule an appointment with me that you “think” you can make.  It’s just plain disrespectful to make an appointment and show up 1/2 way through and expect the same amount of time to be taken.  Or to just not even show up.

Be kind and show up to your appointments!


First Time Waxers

So, as you know by now, my other job consists of waxing various body parts.  The good news is that I don’t have to wax ball sacks, but I do wax pretty much everything else.  At the place I work at, our most requested service is definitely brazilian and full bikini waxes.  Some may think it sucks or that it’s gross but the truth is, most women cannot do it themselves (and if you can, why would you?) and I make BANK providing this service.  Also, can you get all your hoo-hah hair off your body in 15 minutes?  Doubtful, but I can!

I wax and I wax fast.  No one wants to sit around with crappy strip wax for 45 minutes getting your body hair ripped out.  Also, unlike my other job I love 95% of my wax clients.  Yes, there are some repeat clients that have horrible stubborn hair but I still love them because they keep me in business.  I get to meet lots of awesome people and we get to chat about things for 15 minutes (sometimes more depending on how many services they are receiving).  And none of my repeat clients like to make small talk.  They like to talk about cool things like what’s going on in their life, or my life or tattoos or hair color or makeup.  So I’m not stuck saying shit like “can you believe this weather!?”  They make it fun, especially when I’m booked solid.

For some horrendous reason the schools in the area have spread out spring break over THREE FUCKING WEEKS.  So normally our spring break waxing rush happens for 2 weeks, this year it’s been more like the whole goddamn month of March because of the school systems poor planning.  Some schools had the 2nd week of March off, some had the 3rd week and some have this coming week going into April.  So basically it’s been a whole month of nonstop waxing.  I’m about 95% booked (only because I miraculously get a 15 minute break) each shift, so seeing my regulars (in addition to all the annoying first timers) is heaven.

So, let’s get into first time waxers…

Here’s the deal.  First time waxers are annoying for a multitude of reasons.  When you first start waxing a body part, it doesn’t matter if it’s your lady bits, your legs or your under arms, the longevity of the smoothness is not going to last for 3 weeks.  So don’t come in a week before your vacation because you don’t want to shave.  Hair grows in 3 stages, so you are going to see new hairs pop out after a week, sometimes even a few days.  It depends on the hair growth cycle.  If you have never waxed a body part and you want it to be smooth and not have to shave during your vacation you really should have at least 2 or preferably 3 waxing sessions before you leave.  This way your smoothness will last the longest because we’ve gotten all the stages of hair growth.  This means if you go on vacation in March, you should start waxing in January or even better December.  If you are too cheap (I mean, less than $50 for a brazilian, come on… that’s really a good deal) to spend the money and come 3 times, you better come the day before you leave.  But don’t be pissed when your lady parts are hurting for a couple of days.  You choose, it’s your body part and your vacation and your hairlessness.

Also it should be noted that when you come in and have never been waxed before you don’t have to tell me.  Most people do and it’s fine but it’s not like since you’ve never been waxed there is a special way for me to make it not hurt.  Only with repeated monthly waxes will the “hurt” lessen, and even then, honestly it’s not like it ever stops hurting.  Some of your hair follicles get damaged and stop producing hair.  This means your hair grows in finer and more sparse.  The reason it hurts less is because since your hair is sparse, there is less and less to pull out with each strip.  Make sense?  Again, this is only with repeated monthly waxes.

Most people who have never been waxed build up the pain in their mind.  Some people are babies and that’s the way it is.  But really, a bikini wax is not so painful that you’re going to die.  It’s not like I can wax your vagina off (yes, someone has asked me that…).  Stop building it up so much that you get all twitchy or start getting tense and stop breathing.  When getting a wax for the first time just focus on your breathing.  I can even help by talking you through it and telling you when to breathe in and out etc.  Otherwise just talk to me about something funny, I’m sure I can make you laugh.  It takes 15 minutes.  You can handle being a little uncomfortable for 15 minutes.  You’ll survive.

Lastly, when you are receiving a wax, especially a private area wax, general hygiene practices are always appreciated.  Try not to come right after hot yoga.  You’re sweaty and smelly and gross and now I have to be all up in your business providing you a service.  When I get a wax I make sure to take a shower before doing so, its common courtesy.  Another thing you shouldn’t do before a wax is go into a tanning bed.  You need to wait 24 hours after being in a tanning bed to get a wax (and also after waxing you should wait 24 hours before you go to a tanning bed).  If you go to a tanning bed before a wax I can potentially rip your skin off (same as if you are getting a wax but taking an acne medication like Retin-A).  You can also sweat so much that the wax won’t adhere to your hairs and then your hair won’t come out making it just painful because your skin is already pissed off from the UV LIGHTS YOU’VE BEEN UNDER FOR 15 MINUTES IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOUR WAX.  This has happened to me and truthfully, you cannot get mad that your skin lifted when you didn’t tell me that you were in a tanning bed immediately before your wax.  You can get mad that your eyebrow skin lifted but it’s your own damn fault because how am I supposed to know that you just came from a tanning bed?  Unless you reek of tanning lotion I won’t know until I either A. pull off your skin with a strip or B. realize that you are sweating underneath the strip.  Neither of which I can tell until after the damage has been done.

People lie about things like that all the time.  Because they know if I know about it, I will refuse the service.  But then you can’t get mad at me if your skin is compromised and gets ripped off or burned because of what YOU neglected to tell me.  YOU wanted the service so I gave it to you.

Now, the last thing I will mention about first time waxers and this also can apply to long time waxers about general hygiene practices is that… I can’t believe I have to say this but… wipe yourself.  I have seen some shit (literally).  I would assume by the time you are getting your vagina waxed that you are a grown woman.  I’ve seen a lot of things but please make sure that you don’t have shit all over your ass (why is this a thing?  Why is it hard to wipe yourself after going to the bathroom?) and that you don’t have weird discharge all in your vagina and/or an STD or Infection.  I do wear gloves but if it’s not right down there I will refuse and I’m sure you’re the one that’s going to be embarrassed.  So…just take care of things down there.

I’m happy to say that this is not the case with all the people I see, but it’s happened enough that it makes me question how grown ass adult women can’t be bothered to take care of their downstairs.  Okay… now who wants a wax!?