I have always wanted to write.  I have all these crazy opinions and ideas and just never had anywhere to put them.  Yea, I could write things on social media like Facebook but then it’s just going to clog up my friends’ news feed and ultimately they will just stop reading.  Kind of like how you decided to unfollow that friend that posts 300 times a day and uses 5000 hashtags in each post.  I like to put my crazy one-liners on twitter but I felt the need to find a place where I can expand to more than just 140 characters.

So now I have a place where I can store all my thoughts and if someone WANTS to read them, they sure as hell can.

I will write about just anything you can imagine.  From my ridiculous adventures working in retail to my thoughts on politics and even my insane life in the online dating world.  Or perhaps we could venture into my hatred for unruly crotch fruit (children) or how my eye twitches when people use shitty grammar.  My posts can be long, short, funny or serious.  Who knows?  There are no rules and if there were I definitely would not follow them anyway.

I also enjoy taking requests.  If you want to know my particular thoughts on a subject, let me know.  I’d be happy to oblige.

Happy Reading!