Supply and Demand.

I apologize for my absence.  I happened to catch the birdflu or whatever it is that’s going around.  It knocked me on my ass the last 5 days.  I did nothing but try to make it through work, suck down cough syrup and sleep.  It’s good to feel a bit better.  Anyway, on to the bitching.

I’ve been working retail for an incredibly long time.  Actually the amount of assholes I encounter working retail is so astounding but I’m generally not that surprised by this anymore.  People tend to get bent out of shape over the SMALLEST things.

One time a woman came in and got angry that we were out of the Urban Decay highlighter she used.  She was actually upset about it because, “You’re always out of it.”  When I explained that we could order it online and have it shipped to her free of charge she freaked out because she was “leaving for vacation later tonight!” First of all, again your poor planning is not my fault.  Why did you wait until the day you have to leave, to replenish your favorite highlighter?  I mean, I know you’re probably going to DIE without it!  I wanted to tell her that we have stores EVERYWHERE, so there was probably a store somewhere around where her destination is (even if it’s overseas) and she could probably purchase it there, but you know, I held my tongue.  She even went so far as to tell me this was the “worst day of her life.”  Wow, I really wish the worst day of my life was the day I realized that a store was sold out of my Kat Von D tattoo liner.  Sadly, there are other things that rank a bit higher on “worst day of my life” scale.  Like when one of my best friends died of cancer and when my bestie moved to another state 10 hours away.  But hey, life without highlighter is BRUTAL.

I admit, sometimes little things make me angry.  I am one of those people who thinks that most people should have a certain level of common sense and yet am sorely disappointed each time I realize that is not true.  If I have to tell you the SAME thing every fucking day and you consistently do not listen/stop said behavior… I’m going to get angry.  For example, today I just reorganized my backroom.  Everything is in alphabetical order by brand on the shelves.  It’s beautiful.  $10 says when I go in there on Monday morning it’s all fucked up.  I’ll report back on this on Tuesday.

Another hilarious encounter this afternoon.  I answered the phone, which clearly was my first mistake. A woman asks me if we have any of the Too Faced Peach Eyeshadow Palettes in stock.  Well this item has been out of stock for WEEKS so we definitely don’t.  Even doesn’t have any.  People are selling them on eBay for $250 – $500 (dicks)… Here’s how the conversation went down:

Lady: Hi do you have any of the Peach Palettes left?

Meesa: No, I’m sorry we have been sold out for a while now.

Lady: Well what store does have them?

Meesa: Actually they are completely sold out.  No store has them, you can’t even order one from the brand’s website store.

Lady: Okay, well when will you be getting more in?

Meesa: I don’t know.  They are in high demand so I imagine that the brand is making more of them and as soon as they have more palettes we will most likely get them in stock.

Lady: Well why didn’t you just ask for more palettes?

Meesa: Because I don’t order the makeup. It’s a production issue right now.  The brand makes X amount of palettes and distributes them to stores.  All of the stores have sold all of them so we just have to wait for new ones to be made.

Lady: I don’t understand.  How can you work at a store and not know when you will get something in stock?

Meesa:  Well ma’am, I don’t physically make the palettes so I have no idea of knowing when new ones will be ready to ship to stores.

Lady: I hate you guys. *click*

YES, that was an actual conversation I had with a woman on the phone.  You know, because in my spare time I’m sitting around pressing eyeshadows for peach palettes in my fucking bathroom.  Too Faced pays me to make the palettes, which is why I am working at a store. FUCK lady.  Also to close the conversation by saying you hate my store?  Oh, I’m sorry that you decided not to get the peach palette when everyone else was.  You’re probably mad because you wanted to buy the peach palette so you could sell it on eBay for $350 right?

At least the Peach Palette isn’t limited edition.  We will eventually get more in stock so just calm your tits okay?  When something is limited edition, they make a set amount and then there is absolutely NO replenishment once it’s gone.  It amazes me how upset people get over that stuff too.  Especially during holiday.  Well let’s see, we’ve had this set out since October and it’s December 24th and you are angry that this limited edition holiday set is sold out.  First of all, what part of limited edition do you not understand?  Second of all the person you are buying this for is clearly not of importance to you, otherwise you wouldn’t have waited until the day before Christmas to purchase them a gift.  I buy my best friend her Christmas gift as soon as it comes in (if it’s a holiday set) otherwise I’m always on the lookout for hilarious gifts for her. It doesn’t matter WHAT time of the year it is.  You know, because she means something to me.

I guess the moral of the blog post is that you need to just chill out.  Things sell out, because people buy things.  You can’t be mad that people decided to buy something before your payday, so we’re sold out.  It’s not their fault any more than it is mine for putting the product out for them to purchase.  It is incredibly unreasonable to be angry at someone else becuase YOU and YOUR SHITTY PLANNING caused you to miss a product launch date or a sale or a coupon.  Although sometimes I feel like telling unreasonable customers that I bought the whole display because I knew they would be coming in to buy one.  It’s tempting.



Makeup: Drug Store vs. Brand

I love makeup.  I am VIB Rouge at Sephora for a reason.  I like good makeup and skin care.  I don’t usually look at you tube tutorials and read reviews from beauty bloggers but there are a few makeup groups I’m a part of on Facebook.

One of the biggest things that bothers me is when people complain about the prices of brand name makeup.  Like when people make posts asking for a good [insert kind of makeup here] but have to follow it up by saying something like “drug store prices only, I refuse to pay $30 for a lipstick.”

Why is it that you refuse to pay that much for a lipstick?  Have you tried a $30 lipstick? If you try one, you’ll understand why it’s $30.  It’s like this with things other than makeup.  For instance, my $60 jeans last WAY longer than the $15 jeans I got at Target.  I have purchased multiple  $200+ handbags and I still have EVERY one of them, meanwhile the $10 bag I got at Target crapped out on me after a couple of months of light use.  What is wrong with paying a little more for better quality makeup?  The difference between a $3 elf eyeshadow primer and a $20 Too Faced eyeshadow primer is apparent just by the feel of the product.

Price for things isn’t always just because its name brand.  It often reflects the quality and longevity of the product.  For example my $300 handbag that I use EVERY day still looks just as good as the day I got it 2 years ago. I pay this much because of the quality of the product.

There are plenty of things that I refuse to spend what I think is an exorbitant amount of money on.  I also love a good deal, but I will not be a tightwad when it comes to quality. I feel like the people who bitch about the price of a good quality mascara end up spending extra money on how often they need to buy the cheap stuff.

I have seen makeup tutorials and I do believe you can create beautiful looks using drugstore makeup like covergirl and wet n’wild.  HOWEVER, it is more about how much product you have to use to get the desired effect.  Think about it this way: You purchase $15 foundation. How much do you use to get the desired coverage? How many times a day do you have to reapply it?  Because of this how long does it take you to use all of it?  For me when I would buy cover girl I would have to use two “coats” in the morning and reapply it 2x a day because it wore off. It would last me maybe 2 or 3 weeks (and that is stretching it). For fun lets say that bottle lasts me a whole month. So with that I would spend $15 a month on a bottle of foundation.  That’s about $180 a year on foundation.

With my Nars Tinted Moisturizer (and now the new skin tint which I am in LOVE with and happens to be the same price) I use a dime (maybe nickel) sized amount once a day.  I don’t have to reapply it.  Since I use so little I do not have to replace it every month.  It lasts me 3 to 4 months.  For shits, lets just say 3 months.  I spend $42 every 3 months on foundation.  That brings me to $168 a year.

So saying that you can’t afford to buy a $42 foundation is crap.  It costs me $12 less a year to buy a $40 foundation because I have to buy LESS of it.  People often freak out about the price tag of something right away but fail to realize if you spend more money up front you will not only have better results but you won’t have to use as much so you won’t have to be buying $42 foundation each month (that’s insane by the way).

The other thing I’ve never quite understood is when people post their CVS or Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart “hauls.”  Saying shit like “I got these 15 wet n wild lipsticks for $2 each!”  It’s like a hoarding competition.  So what is better: having 75 lipsticks (which, let’s be real if you have that many you are going to have some similar shades in there) for $2 each… or spending that same $150 and getting 6 or 7 quality lipstick shades?  Do you really need to have 10 different reds?  You could spend the same amount of money and get a warm red, cool red, a decent nude, a berry, a bright pink, a deep pink and then even a really cool fashion color like purple or blue or green. When you spend $2 on lipsticks, first of all the quality is not good.  Even the packaging feels cheap and plastic-y. I feel like you can definitely buy a lot more for less, but you are going to be buying the same colors, just slightly different, over and over again.

So what is the point in that?  Congratulations you have a collection of 100 lipsticks and a bunch of them are so similar that someone who doesn’t have a makeup addiction can’t tell them apart?

I get the addiction part, I really do.  I spent $200 on Kat Von D Ink Liners last year. They are $20 each and I needed all 10 colors.  I wear eyeliner every day and guess what, since I bought them last summer I have only had to replace the black (I use that one more) one time.  Remember quality, quality, quality.

Lastly, color payoff.  When thinking about big differences between cheap drugstore makeup and more expensive makeup is color payoff.  This is usually most obvious with eyeshadow.  I don’t care how cute those almay eyeshadows look, you have to use assloads of it to see anything on your eyelid.  Again, what is the point in saving $10 so that you have to use 1/2 the eyeshadow pan to have any color on your lid?

If you really are concerned about money I get it.  But can you at least start with Sephora Collection?  Sephora Collection is good quality, but since it is Sephora’s “in-house brand” it’s typically cheaper than the other brands Sephora does carry.  The quality of most of the Sephora Brand is pretty comparable to brands like Too Faced, Tarte and even Makeup Forever.  Please, save up at least $12 and buy a Sephora Collection eyeshadow.  Even better, save up $18 and get an Urban Decay Eyeshadow.  Trust me, it’s life changing!