The Hatred in their hearts.

I’ve felt prompted to write again.  Huzzah!  I seriously have 7 blog “drafts” and for some reason can’t seem to be bothered to finish them.  I often tell myself “I’m not a writer.”  Maybe I am.  I probably could be if I could make it a priority.  *sigh* one day.  Life gets in the way guys.

Anyway, I was scrolling through Facebook and was “triggered” by a post.  Not trigger in the sense of getting all whiney because someone mentions something that has hurt me in the past or you know.  Anyway basically the post got me thinking.  I’ve seen this person (old co-worker from the past that I haven’t spoken to in 6+ years) post similar things and I just don’t understand the hatred she spews on the internet sometimes.

I get it.  You hear a news story and it upsets you because humans are often horrible to one another.  The problem here is that she will post a news story and then consistently call the perpetrator disgusting names and talk about how they need to die a horrible death.  I don’t think that is okay.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it is okay for someone to commit horrible crimes or do unspeakable acts especially to other living beings but to call these people out and say that you support torturing and killing them is a little bit absurd.

For example she posts often about articles she sees in the local paper and usually it involves assholes that hurt children.  She’s a mom and I know that she thinks about what she would do to these people if it were her child that was harmed.  So I get that momma bear instinct to fight to the death for your own child (I know my momma feels that way about me and even though I have no devilspawn/crotchfruit of my own if anyone hurt my baby boy (The most handsome cat) I’d likely want to go into a fit of rage and crack some skulls).  HOWEVER I don’t think I’d want to publicly be like “I’m going take this piece of shit abuser into a back alley and rip out their teeth one by one and then throw them into a vat of acid.”  That’s a little much and I could never condone hurting someone (even if they’ve done something bad) like that EVER.

But usually the post is the same.  She calls the perpetrator a piece of shit and then usually says they need to die the same way their victim did. The old eye for an eye thing.  What’s that saying though?  An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind?  Yea probably will.

I once had a conversation with a coworker about that orange fucking orangutan in the Oval Office when he was gently implying that he thinks things like waterboarding and torture are effective means of gaining information and completely okay.  My coworker brought up an interesting point in that we as Americans kind of feel like we are above treating people like that but the people we would be interrogating with those means don’t feel above it because they chop off heads and slit throats and waterboard Americans that they capture.  Which I understand but where do you draw the line?  Oh, that person cut off a head so we can cut off one of their people’s heads?  No, that’s not how this shit should work.  If you rape someone that means you need to be raped?  No, no it doesn’t.

I also don’t have an answer for what an acceptable form of punishment is.  We have prisons but they’re also full of people serving time for stupid shit.  My neighbors boyfriend (not sure if they’re still together? maybe) is seriously almost done serving 7 years in prison.  For what you ask?  He got a felony for selling weed. *sigh*  It’s a fucked up system.  He never hurt anyone, killed anyone… but he gets 7 years and then other people get like 30 months for stabbing a person to death.  Awesome.  And of course then you get people saying things like, “They don’t deserve prison.  They get free food and cable and they can get an education for free!” Oh no, trying to better someone who has committed a crime!?  Also the felony is also going to lead them back to a life of crime because they won’t be able to get a job anyway.  Perfect circle of bullshit.

The other weird thing about this is that a lot of times I will also see her post about animal abuse.  It’s always been something that bothers me when people freak the fuck out about people eating dog meat or using dogs in fighting rings or just general abuse of animals… but are totally chill eating other animals.  It’s just something I can’t understand.  You are mad when you hear of people abusing dogs but you’re okay paying someone to slit a pigs throat so you can have fucking bacon in the morning?  How is that any different?  How is it that pigs, cows and chickens are thought of to be lesser than cats and dogs?  Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with animal abuse of any kind but that is also why I don’t eat meat.  There is no humane way to kill an animal that was brought into existence so that you could eat it.  [end vegan plug]

Basically I guess I’m just confused as to why there is so much hatred in people’s hearts.  She’s not the only person I know that feels this way.  Social media is a great tool to really reconnect with people from your past and realize “this is why I don’t talk to you anymore.”