It always amazes me, the amount of laziness I see from “millennials.”  Sadly, I am lumped in under this Millennial category due to being born in the mid 80’s.  I believe that Millennials are categorized as those coming into adulthood in the early 2000’s.  So Kiddos born from 1982- 1995ish or so.  There are varying numbers/years floating around for those considered Millennials.  However, the Millennials that were born in… oh I would say around 1987 to 1995 are those that are most “at risk” to be that annoying entitled Millennial.  I’m going to make this a bit into a personal rant so, bear with me. I might go off on tangents and it just won’t be as structured as my other posts.

There is one Millennial in particular that I know.  Let’s talk about her.  Now one of the major elements of being one of “Those Millennials” is having a ridiculous sense of entitlement.  Don’t get me wrong, I can usually get what I want however I do not expect it to be handed to me on a silver fucking platter.  I was raised with the expectation that if you want something you find a way to get it.  You earn it.  I wanted money to buy stupid shit at Spencer’s and Hot Topic as a kid (yea, fuck you I was a middle schooler in 1997) so I had to find a way to get that money.  So I babysat.  I did extra things around the house for a $5 bill.  When I was 16 I wanted money to buy clothes all the time.  So I got a part-time JOB.  Even now, I don’t blame my parents for “blowing up the deficit.”  I want to cover my body in tattoos and buy frivolous things sometimes… so I work 2 jobs because I like money and have bills to pay.  Instead of blaming others for my college debt, I prefer to just pay it.  It sucks but I have to do it.

I didn’t go around stealing and I sure as hell didn’t expect mom and dad to just buy me shit.  Okay so back to the sense of entitlement that Millennials feel.  Okay take this girl. Ms. Millennial.  She is 20.  She is supposed to be my “right hand woman” at work.  I would rather do everything myself.  So, as far as the sense of entitlement goes she kept telling EVERYONE “Oh, well I was hoping for a leadership position.”  Okay, newsflash, there isn’t one open.  One of my other manager coworkers said that to her as well.  She specifically said, “There aren’t any lead positions open.  Meesa isn’t going anywhere either so…”  She also is in school so she can’t be a lead if she can’t work FULL TIME. Now, being the curious person that I am when she mentioned this to me I asked her, “Okay, well you want to be in Leadership.  What kind of managerial experience do you have?” Her actual response, “Well none. But I was at the store for two and a half years.”  I told her that you don’t just get promotions based on how long you’ve been somewhere.  I tried to break it down even more.  I asked, “Well what kind of things did you try to captain?  Like what additional responsibilities did you take on at your old job that would qualify you to move into a Leadership role?”  Her response was even better this time, “Well, when I was working I would always tell people to keep busy.  Like tell them to clean and stock products and stuff.”  I almost died.  I just looked at her and said, “If you think the majority of my job is to sit here and tell you to clean and stock products you are going to be sorely disappointed.  That’s about 5% of my job…. and no one listens anyway.”

I cannot believe she thinks that since she has been working at a store for 2 and a half years she’d just automatically get a promotion.  That level of entitlement is ridiculous.  You have to prove yourself to get where you want in life.  You can’t just skip the line bitch.  You need to work your way to the top.  That’s how that works.  Honestly the amount of people we have working under us that think leads “Just walk around the store” all day or that I, “Just sit in the back all day” is astounding.  More than once associates have actually said, “Well you aren’t doing anything.” or “You just walk around the store.”  It is ridiculous.

So not only is my new employee entitled beyond belief she also has that lovely Millennial trait of passing the blame.  Nothing is EVER her fault.  It’s always someone else’s fault or the fault of something else.  I have two amazing examples of this.

First example: Said employee was working working working.  Not paying attention.  All of the sudden she asks me what time it is.  I say my usual, “time to get a watch.” then I let her know it’s like 12:30pm.  SHE FLIPS OUT.  Like batshit crazy flips out.  Starts freaking out because she has “CLASS AT 1PM!”  She tells me that her school is an hour away (just so you know it takes about 30 minutes to get there….) and she’s just so pissed she’s going to be late.  I actually had to tell her that when I was in college there were days that I missed because I was sick.  Or I overslept and went to class late.  It happens.  I told her that contrary to what she thinks, if she shows up late to class… she can still pass!  I know it’s a crazy idea.  So to make things even better as she’s freaking out she PASSES THE BLAME.  She actually said, “Ugh, not every manager announces the time.  Like most people say “oh it’s 12pm and X is just starting for the day and we’re at X dollar amount for our goal.  If she would have said that I would have realized I needed to leave!”  I was shocked.  I actually had to look at her and say, “Just so you know, it’s not her job to tell you what time it is.”  Are you kidding me?  Again, she isn’t going to be late because SHE wasn’t paying attention.  She’s going to be late because her manager didn’t tell her what time it was.  Yea, okay.  If you know that you are supposed to leave at noon because you have class at 1pm, then wear a fucking watch.  Anyone else watches that clock like a hawk because when they are scheduled to clock out for break or for the day, they are FUCKING ON IT.  Again, it’s not her fault…

The best story of all actually happened today.  So I get in to work at 7am with my favorite Saturday morning person.  Seriously, I love Saturday mornings working with her.  Now Ms. Millennial was also scheduled to work at 7am with us.  To my surprise she wasn’t there waiting (I stroll up at 7am on the dot.  Ms. Millennial likes to get there 20 minutes early and I told her I will never go into that store earlier than I need to…).  But I thought, oh maybe she was scheduled later and I read the schedule wrong.  So I look at the schedule and she was supposed to be there at 7am. I considered this a gift from the heavens above and I just started working and enjoying my time with the coworker that I actually like. Guess who strolls in at 8am?  I open the door and I say, “hey, you know you were supposed to be here at 7 right?”  To which she just looks dumbfounded and says, “Um, no.  I’m supposed to be here at 8 today and 9am tomorrow.  I wrote it down.”  I said, “um you are on the schedule today at 7am.”  She busts out her planner and shows me that she wrote down 8am. “I wrote it down.  I’m a planner.”  Okay b, you’re talking to the person that organizes the whole fucking backroom.  I’m a fucking “planner” too. (also, just so you know NEXT WEEKS SCHEDULE she is here at 8am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.  Not THIS WEEK).   So I just say, “Whatever.  I just need you to put your stuff away and clock in.”  So I go back to working with my coworker.  As usual the planogram leaves too little room to fit all the products so we’re trying to problem solve that together.  Ms. Millennial walks past where we were working and says to me, “Yea, I would apologize but it’s not my fault.  The schedule is wrong.” I SHIT YOU NOT THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID.

My coworkers jaw just drops to the ground.  I try to find something to throw at the Millennial Heathen.  I cannot believe that.  She seriously thinks that the PRINTED SCHEDULE (that you can also access via an app on your smartphone) is wrong because there is NO WAY she would ever make a mistake and write down the wrong time.  The schedule is printed out and it clearly says 7AM next to her name with today’s date in the box.  You cannot tell me that the schedule is wrong.  How the fuck can the schedule be wrong?  JESUS.  Again, typical Millennial that we all hate.  Never takes responsibility for her actions.  In addition to that mess she also fucked up a bunch of stuff I asked her to do.  But that is for another time.

Lastly, one of the worst Millennial and just general co-worker/employee traits that she carries… is her inability to take any sort of direction.  No matter what she will always push back.  Whether its to me or another lead.  However whenever she gets pissed at what I tell her to do, she goes around and bitches about the “stupid tasks” that I make her do.  The thing that pisses me off is that when I give her a task I tell her WHY I’m making her do it.  So, for example she didn’t want to be on the floor.  So I gave her busy work.  I had her put the tester wands into smaller Ziploc bags.  I told her it’s tedious but we do this because I buy them in bulk and they are expensive.  The zipper on the bag a lot of time breaks and then the wands spill out into the drawer which is dirty.  Or if you are carrying the big bag and the zipper breaks you spill them onto the floor.  You can’t put a dirty wand on your lips or face, so we have to throw them away.  I have told her this THREE TIMES.  So the last time I made her do that task, after I had left for the day she decided to talk shit about me.  Telling other people “I don’t know why she makes me do this.  At MY OLD STORE. blah blah.”  The girl she was bitching to was hilarious and actually said back to her, “Well, Meesa has been here forever so she knows her shit.  I’m sure she has a good reason as to why she instructed you to do that.  We are a bigger store than your old one, so things are run differently here.”  GOD, I LOVE THAT.  She never suggests a new way to do something.  She just acts like the way it was at her old store (which by the way is much smaller and run completely differently) is the only way it should ever be done.  Our store is bigger so things are different.

So, moral of the story here.  You are not entitled to something just because you want it.  You don’t get a promotion just because you’ve been somewhere the longest. You need to earn it.  You also need to take personal responsibility for your actions.  Do not constantly pass the blame.  Believe it or not, sometimes people make mistakes, even I do.  But you need to own up to it.  Again, not all Millennials are like this but hot damn there are way too many.  If I tell you to do something you don’t get to just brush it off.  Don’t be lazy, I am asking you to do your job.  It’s what we fucking pay you to do so you really should have no problems doing what you’re told.  If you want a paycheck that is.



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