One of the biggest complaints of my job is the amount of support I get.  I don’t feel like I am completely unsupported but I feel as though I don’t get adequate support, especially when it comes to little things that should be supported.

So, if there is ever a heavy workload or whatever the case may be, if I need more people my boss supports me and makes it happen.  Whenever corporate fucks something up and we have to rearrange, we figure it out.

There are just little things that irritate me.  So for one, part of my job is counting.  So basically every other week I need to count sections of the store, for inventory replenishment purposes and to see how much shit got stolen. Every single time our Loss Prevention dickbag comes in all I ever hear from my boss is “well we have the coverage so we can count consistently.”  I’m sorry, what coverage?  I have yet to see you give me an extra person in the morning.  It’s like she’ll say whatever it is she needs to say, to make it seem like everything in the store is perfect.  I mean hey, why would you ever throw me a  bone and be like “oh well it’s very workload heavy, let’s get an extra person in here on Thursdays so we can do that.”  NOPE, throw my ass under the bus saying we’ve always had the coverage it’s just clearly my fault that we aren’t counting.  What do you want done?  New products out on the floor and old products sent back… or for me to scan fucking lipsticks?  Can’t have both.

I feel like she never hesitates to throw anyone under the bus.  It’s always excuses.  Everything has a fucking excuse (oh unless it involves me, I never get excuses for my angsty attitude) attached to it.  Someone said hurtful, mean things that were completely inappropriate to another person and her actual words were “I’m sure it wasn’t coming from a bad place.”  Really?  When you put someone down I’m not sure what kind of fucking place it’s coming from if it isn’t a bad place.

Just the other day I found out that one of my coworkers got in trouble because I left clear direction and she followed it.  Please note that this direction was handed down to me FROM CORPORATE.  I even linked it back to the specific piece of fucking information listed on the intranet as to HOW to schedule these things.  Well someone got butt-hurt and went to the district manager saying we weren’t being supportive of their brand. We were then instructed to disregard what corporate said.  So instead of my boss sticking up for me (and my coworker that followed my direction) saying, “I understand and we can definitely go ahead and break these rules but this was the direction we were given so this is why we did this.”  She ended up saying, “Oh well X used to book these and X is on maternity leave and I’m sure she was more lenient with it.”  THANKS YOU FUCKING BITCH.  How is that supposed to make me feel?   You sit there and come up with excuses for someone who said completely disrespectful and in appropriate things… but the second I do something COMPLETELY CORRECTLY AS DETERMINED BY THE CORPORATE OFFICES, you throw me under the bus by saying it’s because “someone else normally schedules this stuff so they probably did it differently.”

Something SO LITTLE means so much.  This is what I deal with.  ZERO support.  When she talked to me about it she was like “Schedule as many days as they want.” I challenged her and said, “NO, there was an announcement that said this is how we schedule, only for the next last two months of the year as it is holiday time.” She said, “Well I’m not getting yelled at again so just do it.”  Really, don’t stick up for your team because you don’t want to be “yelled at.”  So in response I yelled at her, “Well if we’re just supposed to disregard corporate direction for things THEN WHY THE FUCK DO THEY SEND OUT THESE STUPID BULLETINS SAYING, ‘THIS IS HOW YOU NEED TO DO THIS.’?”

I’m so tired of getting direction on how to do things or how to proceed with something only to get bitched at and then have someone say, “OH well don’t do what they told you to do. Don’t be so black and white about it, be grey with it.”  If we are just allowed to do whatever the fuck we want, whenever we want they why does the company give a shit and make these guidelines?

Furthermore why is it so hard to just back up your employees?  Shit like this happens all the time at the cash registers too.  You’ll make a decision to FOLLOW POLICY, someone will complain and then she’ll go up there and just do whatever the person wants.  Not only does it make someone feel like shit it’s pretty much like you’re saying, “Oh yea we can do that for you.  This person was just a giant bitch and didn’t want to help you but since you are complaining and I’d rather not have you fill out a bad survey so that my district manager yells at me. Oh here’s a bunch of free money because obviously I hire idiots.”

Perhaps if you treated your employees the way you treated your customers they just might be more willing to help out and treat your customers better.



My Views on Current Events…and stuff.

I have a fair amount of “friends” on Facebook and such that are moms.  Most of them are normal moms that post photos of the fam and kids and all that.  Then I have some that are SUPER extreme.  Having to document every goddamn stage of their pregnancy.  Asking questions about their symptoms as facebook status updates and then the ones who have to post articles about different things and state their (usually) unpopular opinion.  Normally I just tend to just scroll past these people or just click that button that makes sure I don’t see their shit in my news feed.

I’m not sure why but a couple of things have been bothering me (although not necessarily aimed at mommy posts).  It’s just those few memes or whatever that you’ve been seeing in your news feed and you really just wanna lay into the person.

Anti-Vaxxers.  Science people.  SCIENCE.  Look, I’m not a doctor.  I don’t claim to be one.  But I can tell you this… when I was a kid there was never a risk of me getting goddamn MEASLES or MUMPS or POLIO because before I received my vaccination I was safe because of a little thing called “herd immunity.”  If you don’t know what that is, let me break it down for you quick. Herd Immunity basically means that everyone is generally immune to these contagious diseases because there is a high number of people are already immune to it/have received the vaccination for it.   Listen, Measles was pretty much freaking eradicated when I was a kid because everyone got the vaccine for it.  So I wasn’t at risk when I was between the ages of 1 day old and 6 months old when I was too young to receive the vaccine.  Why the hell do you think these contagious diseases have come back?  Because herd immunity does not exist because of this Anti-Vaxxer movement.  What is upsetting is that you’ve decided that since you graduated from the University of Google  with your medical degree that you aren’t going to vaccinate your child.  So other people’s small children that are too young to receive the vaccine, actually get said contagious disease because you’re pretty much an asshole.  Furthermore what upsets me the most is that you would rather run the risk of having your child (or someone else’s child) die from previously eradicated diseases like MUMPS than potentially (POTENTIALLY) have an “autistic” child.  That’s your excuse.  You don’t want your child to develop AUTISM (something that you can live with just fine and won’t kill you) so you won’t vaccinate them… and you could potentially kill another persons child or your own.  Thumbs up to you!  Also, the Autism thing has been proven to be a crock of shit.  Please vaccinate your spawn.

“If you’re not a mom you don’t [insert bullshit here].”  Recently I’ve seen more than one person post a meme with someone laughing their ass off.  The caption reads, “When people without kids tell me they’re tired.”  I’m sorry, what’s that?  I have no idea what it means to be tired because I haven’t had my own crotchfruit to take care of?  Look, go fuck yourself.  You don’t have to have a kid to understand what burnout, tiredness or overwhelming stress is.  Just because I’m not chasing around demonspawn doesn’t mean that I don’t work my ASS off 6 – 7 days a week 65+ hours a week.  I don’t care what you say someone who works 6 days a week, 65+ hours a week DOES know what it means to be tired.  I am tired, all the time and you can kiss my fat ass if you think I don’t know what burnout is because I don’t have to chase a little bastard child around.  Is chasing little kids around and caring for them tiring?  I’m sure it is.  But don’t sit there and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because I decided not to reproduce.  I work my ass off, I’m allowed to be tired and stressed out too.

“All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter” supporters. Please just stop.  All lives DO matter, however the lives in jeopardy right now are BLACK LIVES.  That is what the movement is about.  Being white myself, learning about the BLM movement was one of the hardest, most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done.  The thing is, white people don’t LIKE to be uncomfortable.  Which is why they get all butt-hurt about the misunderstanding about what the BLM movement is about.  In order to understand this you have to remove yourself from your comfort zone and look at things from a different perspective.  Being white is considered “normal” so imagine how brown people feel.  Everything is catered towards being white, so if you’re black you have to grow up in a world where you “aren’t normal.”  I know that it’s hard to comprehend, believe me I know.  Growing up white (even though I’m technically not white.  But I look white therefore I reap the benefits whether I want them or not) is easy.  But you have to realize that you benefit from looking white and then you need to start researching systematic racism.  Just start there.  Remember OPEN MIND.

Everyone is so quick to start burning Colin Kaepernick’s jersey when he decided to kneel during the national anthem.  Did any of those people that were SO PISSED burn cop uniforms when Philando Castile was gunned down?  When Trayvon Martin was shot for wearing a fucking hoodie? Or just recently the other day when some woman cop got “scared” and shot Terence Crutcher? The dashcam video and the pure HATRED spewed from the helicopter audio makes me sick.  Oh, not buring cop uniforms are you?  Not OUTRAGED that a father was gunned down for NOTHING. I didn’t think so.   You want to live in a place where you’re forced to stand during the national anthem?  Get your ass over to North Korea.  I’m tired of seeing those memes of injured soldiers in wheelchairs with captions about “you feel oppressed so I’ll stand for you too.” Fuck you dude.  Those people fought for FREEDOM. This includes the freedom to PROTEST.  You don’t have to agree with Kaepernick and that is irrelevant anyway.  Everyone should support his right to protest. He isn’t hurting anyone for Christ’s sake.  Also, since when does the fucking government make “patriotism” mandatory?  Are we Nazi’s now?  Forcing patriotism?  Lastly, I also really loved all of the memes giving Kaepernick shit because he was raised by wealthy white parents.  I’ll tell you this, you don’t have to be the “oppressed” to take a stand.  I’m not oppressed in any way (well other than being a woman, but I’m still white) but I fucking salute the BLM movement.  Nothing gets fixed if you stay quiet.

Lastly the $15 minimum wage thing.  Okay, I get it.  Trust me, for a long time I was a fucking LEAD at a retailer and was making $12.75/hr.  Was it livable?  Yes, but only thanks to credit cards.  So I understand that every person needs to make a living wage that is working a solid 40 hours.  However, the problem with this is that it was only (at least here in Minnesota) going to take place for MINNEAPOLIS businesses.  So what about surrounding cities?  Oh, you work in St. Paul?  Sucks to be you.  You work in Bloomington? Nope, min wage is still $9.50.

I also think we need to look at places that have already had the minimum wage increase happen over the last couple of years.  Namely Seattle.  It’s not all rainbows and butterflies out there.  There’s plenty of unemployment because there are fewer jobs.  I’m not trying to be an asshole about it but it’s true.  You can’t have cheap fucking goods and pay people $15/hr to throw it in a bag and ask you to open a credit card.  I think the real thing we need to look at here is the housing situation.  Instead of making the minimum wage $15 why can’t you find affordable housing?  Why is a fucking studio apartment in Minneapolis $750/month?  You don’t even get a goddamn bedroom!  A 1 bedroom is $945 and a two bedroom is about $1300.  How about you make HOUSING affordable?  This way you can pay people adequate amounts of money based on their job and the skills and degrees/schooling it requires.  Minnesota has raised the minimum wage from $8/hr to $9.50 in the last two years which is a step in the right direction.  Does it need to go up more?  Yes.  To $15?  No. We really need to look at having affordable housing and childcare options. You should not have to pay someone $25/hr to watch your damn crotchfruit either.  That’s a whole ‘nother post I’ll have to brew up.

Alright, until next time.