It’s time to resurrect this beautiful masterpiece.  It’s been tough as I had been working 7 days a week for about 9 months, so making time for me was becoming harder and harder.  The last thing I wanted to do after work was sit down and try to write.  I just wanted to lay my head on a pillow and rest.

Enough of that.  Now that I’m back, lets talk about personal responsibility.

This actually just happened to me.  I was snoozing on the couch, trying to rid my body of this food poisoning that I contracted early yesterday morning and I hear a loud noise.  A “bang” if you will, right outside my door.  I’m like, hmm, that’s odd.  So I wander over to my door and open it, expecting to see my car smashed into oblivion.  Hmm, car is still in the same spot.  She looks okay… Then I look on the ground in front of my car.  Hmm, there’s a little reflective orange piece that looks EXACTLY like the thing that is underneath my headlight on the passenger’s side of my car that I can see.  I put on my shoes go around to the driver’s side of the front of my car.  Oh, well would you look at that?  Someone damn near tried to rip my bumper off with their car.

Thanks for continuing to speed away you piece of shit. Of course there was NO ONE outside at the time (god forbid there be a witness).  And just like that $500 is about to come out of my bank account for a new bumper. *Sigh*

Here’s the thing.  I’m sure it was an accident.  It happens.  However, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.  If you hit someone’s parked car, you leave a note with your information on it. You don’t just keep driving like nothing fucking happened.  Own up. You accidentally hit my car, it’s okay, things like that happen… but you need to be an adult and take responsibility for it.  It’s weird but I’m not mad that it happened, I am mad that this person decided to just leave and act like nothing happened.

The funny thing is that when I was shopping at the mall the other day I was walking back to my car in the parking lot.  I saw this car with this girl in the driver’s seat and she had her hands on her head. She wasn’t quite into the parking spot all the way.  From where I was I could see that she just made the turn too sharply and hit the car next to her (which was right next to mine).  These stupid ass teenagers get out of the car, check the damage to their car and then check the damage to the other car and walk away.  Just walk into the mall to shop.  Being the nice person I am I grab a security officer and we take down all the information in case the person whose car was hit wanted to take care of it.  I told the security lady that both of the cars I’ve owned have been hit by someone who left while it was parked somewhere, multiple times.  It sucks and if I could help someone not have to deal with that shit, I would definitely do what I could.  Hence summoning her for help.

Oh yes, did I mention that something very similar happened to me at the beginning of June?  I was about 75% backed out of my parking spot at work and someone came flying around the corner and hit the back of my car. I gave the woman my information (she requested it like it was my goddamn fault) and then I told her I’d grab my phone in my car so I could snap a photo of her insurance card.  I go to grab my phone… and she drives away.

Again, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Take responsibility for your actions.  It goes even further than shit like car accidents.  I feel like there are so many people who refuse to take responsibility for anything from mistakes at their job or even home life and relationships.  It’s no wonder people hit cars on the side of the road and keep driving.  If you can’t even own up to a mistake at your job, what makes anyone think you’d do the right thing and own up to hitting another person’s piece of property on the side of the road?

I can’t even go to work without someone doing something like lying to cover up what they’ve done.  At work I have this awesome reputation for being hilarious yet terrifying.  It’s something my boss says I have to “work on.” What my boss doesn’t understand is that I don’t get angry when people do things wrong.  I get frustrated (especially when I’ve told them MULTIPLE TIMES) how to NOT do something wrong.  I get angry when I find out they’ve LIED to me about what they did.  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT.  Never once have I fucked up and then lied about it.  I’ve fucked up before.  But I own it and come up with a solution to fix it.

I have watched people on camera do shit they told me to my face that they didn’t do.  So yea, that makes me angry.  If I tell you, “Hey, someone keeps doing “x” we aren’t supposed to do that because “xyz” do you know who is doing that so I can talk to them?”  Then you say “Hmm, nope.  Oh, but it’s not me!”  Then I go to view the cameras from that day to see who did what I asked them not to do… and see that it’s you?  FUCK YOU.  I’m glad you have such respect for me as a manager that you’d lie to my face because you don’t want to be told what to do.  A simple, “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to do “x” because of “xyz”  I will remember that from now on” would be an appropriate response and also let you OWN UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Can you really even trust anyone anymore?  Own up kids.  Own up.