Out of sight, out of mind.

My Inventory Management job is a thankless job.  It’s hard because I really enjoy my job, as in, I like to do that kind of work.  I’m good at it and I’m efficient and things like that come easy to me. My particular skill set comes in handy for that kind of work (organizing, reverse logistics etc) So it sucks, because I enjoy that job but yet there are other aspects of it that make me want to jump out the damn window.

I knew when I took this promotion that it was a thankless job.  The DM at the time asked me why I wanted to take this opportunity. He told me that it’s thankless and we work the crappy shifts and have to do all the hard work and most people don’t understand that.  I told him I wanted this because it was something that came easily and naturally to me.  Someone has to do the heavy lifting and I’m good at it so I want it.  It’s the next step in (what I thought was) a career with the company.

I never knew it would be this bad.  It’s been about 5 years and it just gets more and more draining every day.  Some of it is the team I work with.  So, to break it down, even though there shouldn’t be, there is a clear divide on our team.  There are the people who work on the salesfloor assisting customers and then there is me and my minions that primarily work in the back and when the store is closed doing all the bullshit work.  The divide comes in because myself and my team see the BULLSHIT the people that work during the day (here on known as day crew) get away with.  There’s a ridiculous double standard and unless you’re on the shit side of it, you can’t see it.

So, now for some examples.  As stated before, myself and my team do all of the heavy lifting.  Fixtures have fallen on us, made us bleed, almost broken my hand. Myself and one other person (mind you we are petite girls) had to move a 300 lb endcap and secure it on an end BY OURSELVES.  The damn thing nearly crushed me, true story.  Most of the fixtures in that store have my actual blood, sweat and tears on them.  Oftentimes we are there in the morning, before any air conditioning kicks on, so it’s sweltering.  It’s like we are in the goddamn desert.  So we are there busting our asses, moving endcaps, setting up new ones, moving all the little bottles of conditioner and shampoo around for no reason. EVERY DAMN DAY.  Then we get to see the day crew come in for their shifts.

They stroll in with their coffees and pastries.  They leisurely walk in, put their stuff away and clock in for the day.  Instead of helping my crew out as we’re busting our tails (and have been for the last 2 or 3 hours at this point) they go and look at all the new stuff we put out.  Trying out the new lipsticks and face masks and highlighters.  Then they go around and do their makeup.  Sometimes my team comes in early and has to then spend the last part of their shift on the floor helping customers.  So they come in with me at 6 or 7am and we have our fucking makeup on.  We aren’t allowed to get paid to do our makeup for 45 minutes.  So this is what my team sees.  We have to bust our ass to get all this shit done, while others get paid to simply do nothing.

The fucked up part is that when anyone goes to the upper management, nothing is ever done about it.  That’s what is so frustrating.  As a manager I have even commented TO THE PERSON about how they shouldn’t be doing their makeup.  I will give them tasks to do because they are on the clock.  What do I get as a response?  “Pfffft.  Oh. Heh. Psshhhhh” Clear fucking insubordination.  It’s angering.  I don’t ask for much, but shit like that drives me up a wall.  All ya do all day is walk around and shop for yourself in between helping customers.

The other jacked up part of it is that if my team stops working for 2 goddamn minutes, bosslady notices.  RIGHT FUCKING AWAY.  Double standard.  I’m tired of the excuses.  “I don’t schedule people at that time anymore.”  Oh that’s great because now they just clock in and do their makeup for 45 minutes in the back instead.  There was an actual instance where my team and I were doing random, odd, jobs while waiting for people to finish installing a HUGE fixture.  They were wrapping up so my team and I took like a 2 minute breather.  Boss lady comes over and says “oh, are you guys gonna work or what?”  I was so pissed off about it, that I snapped back, “Or maybe I should just do my makeup for an hour instead.”  At that point she just walked away, good choice.

It’s just ridiculous.  At one point I had a conversation about this bullshit and boss lady actually blamed me for the actions of others.  My team was tired of seeing how the day crew just decided to not work and it was okay.  No fucks given.  So some of my team voiced their opinions about it.  Well one of the day crew heard, and got butthurt.  So I get pulled into the office about it.  I explain the situation.  My team member was asking for help and the manager on duty failed to get anyone to help her and she was PISSED about it. That’s why she said what she said.  Then I get told “well, did they hear this stuff from you first?”  Acting like I do nothing but talk shit and then ask my team to repeat my words.

NEWSFLASH, it doesn’t matter WHAT I say to anyone, I am not directly at fault for what someone else says or how they act.  I didn’t put a gun to their head and force them to say things.  Why are you trying to blame me for what OTHER people see?  They have EVERY right to be upset about it.

The problem is that it’s “out of sight, out of mind” or whatever.  I’m not on the salesfloor selling and helping dickbags so that must mean that I’m in the back doing NOTHING.  I have a load of things that I need to do.  Recently I had a training with other Inventory Managers in my district (I love my girls!) one thing that we did was get a calendar and write out all of our weekly tasks for the month of June (with our monthly planner that shows corporate assigned tasks and times).  My weeks are a minimum of 60 hours.  On heavier weeks, when I have store sets it’s as much as 90 – 100 hours.  So, just so you know, I don’t sit back there and do nothing.  Also, I’d like to note that most of those hours of tasks have to be done while the store is NOT opened, so It’s not like I can spend my entire 8 hours tearing down tables to reset them.  I’m the one ordering supplies for them to use on the floor, I manage the inventory, I organize the backstock so you can find things easily, I fix the printer, I plan out the execution of product updates, I do almost all the “administrative” type work that no one else can be bothered to do, like document retention stuff, mailing out things, receiving deliveries, taking care of the weekly 75+ boxes of shipment.

Sadly, I think it’s one of those things where you won’t realize how important someone is to your company until they aren’t doing it anymore.  Sending text messages being like, “I appreciate all you do, thank you so much blah blah” is bullshit.  I don’t need a pat on the back for doing my job.  The best way to help me is to get the rest of the team to understand that my work is hard work, especially with how lazy they are.  HAH.  Change the attitude of the day team because I’m tired of being treated like a piece of shit because I don’t have to “deal with mean clients sometimes!”

Being a retail manager is NOT what I’m meant to do with my life, nor is it what I’m going to spend my life doing.  It’s just a stepping stone to where I want to be.  I’m still a little undecided on what I want to be when I grow up but I have time to figure that out.  I just know that I don’t want to work in a thankless job and be shit on all the time.  I’m too smart for that kind of job.